Enjoy the Outdoors in Comfort (Add a Sunroom)

Back in its day, the screened-in porch was what every homeowner wanted. People could enjoy being outside without being concerned about rain or mosquitoes. It was great until winter came. Then everyone was back to being cooped up in the house. When homeowners started replacing the screen with standard windows, the evolution of sunrooms began. Today many homeowners are looking to add a sunroom to their home.

Enjoy the Outdoors in Comfort (Add a Sunroom)

Have It Custom Designed

Today’s custom sunroom designs can be just about anything that you can imagine. Turn the walls to glass for a panoramic view of the landscape while flooding the room with natural light. Add ceiling fans to mimic a cool breeze while thermostatically controlling the temperature. Have the flooring design of your choice, and add radiant heat for the winter. These are just a few of the options that homeowners are incorporating into their custom sunroom designs. Contact us at Coastal Homes & Sunrooms to discuss your ideas and how we can make it happen.

Increasing the Value of Your Home

Increase the size of your home with the addition of a sunroom. The larger the room, the more square footage will be added. Larger houses have a higher real estate value.

Energy Savings

Due to an abundance of natural light, adding a sunroom could have measurable energy savings. The more time spent in this room, the less lighting you will use in other areas of your home.

Natural Light

The same natural light that brings a positive feeling when you are outside is the same natural light you experience in a sunroom. Positive people tend to have lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure and a more robust immune system. Houseplants also benefit from the natural light of a sunroom.

The Home Office

Staring at the computer all day in an enclosed room with artificial lighting can be a bit stressful. Natural light and the feeling of openness in a sunroom can make it perfect for a home office.

So if you think that this is the time to add a sunroomcontact us at Coastal homes & Sunrooms today.