Safety Tips to Observe During the Hurricane Season

Hurricanes can cause property damage and life-threatening injuries. Preparing for the hurricane season may protect your life while avoiding significant losses. This measure also reduces anxiety and terror. Here are some practical tips to observe during the hurricane season.

Safety Tips to Observe During the Hurricane Season

Determine Your Evacuation Zone

Assessing evacuation zones allows you to determine the wind and water hazards that may affect your region. Likewise, it helps establish vulnerability so you can prepare accordingly.

Identify your evacuation zone during the hurricane season by following up on local news. You may also visit websites such as for more details.

Assemble a Disaster Supply Kit

Hurricanes often affect road access and cause power outages, making shopping challenging. When preparing for storms, ensure you have food and water to last each family member for at least three days. Besides, charge your phones and have a solar-powered USB charger for backup

Other essentials to include in your disaster supply kit are:

  • Flashlights
  • Whistles
  • A first aid kit
  • Battery-power radio

Prepare Your Home

Remodeling your home is an efficient way to prepare for hurricane season. Reach out to a contractor near you for a detailed assessment. With their help, you can identify vulnerabilities and fix them to protect your property during the hurricane season.

Some home upgrades and remodels to consider are:

  • Installing heavy-duty bolts on doors
  • Resealing your doors and windows
  • Installing impact-resistant windows and doors

Garages are among the most vulnerable spaces during hurricanes. If you don’t have a strong door, it may break due to wind impact. This issue will then cause flooding and, in some cases, physical harm.

Prepare your home during the season by installing a secure garage door. Such will offer better protection than shutters and preserve your investment.

Contact CHS Coastal Homes and Sunrooms to Stay Safe During the Hurricane Season

Observing the discussed precautions may help you stay safe during the hurricane season. CHS Coastal Homes & Sunrooms offers hurricane protection services in South Carolina.

Our contractors can install secure garage doors and screens to safeguard your home. They will also guide you in remodeling your property to enhance hurricane season preparedness. Contact us today to get started.